TMG Alcatraz

TMG Alcatraz
By: nukem

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Nazi_zombie_zmAlcatraz   my 4th and most epic work to date 

Epic s**t going with this rite now and im stoked :o )

Thanks to xchaosx for his help with light mapping 
Thanks to Tom_Bmx for help with maya and porting weapons and just pure epicness 
Thnaks to CoDmapper for use of his bayable ammo script 
Thanks to radimax for epic detailing skillz shared with me 
Im also part of TMG so there maybe a TMG Mod version available as well as my version 


mw3 weapons :  m4  five7  type95
Black ops weapons : stoner  famas  commando rpk  hk21  ks23  mpl  spectre  kapris deathmachine 
MW2 weapons :  ump45 scar m16   m4  acr  spas12  ak47 deagle+tac light vector AA12
Cod4 weapons  : ak74u  ak47  mp5  m40a3 barret  g36c  deagle  uzi  saw  g3 
Waw weapons : ppsh mp40 type100 stg44 thompson browning mg42 fg42 bar 
Farcry3 weapons  mp5
Homefront weapons : M4
Battlefield3 weapons : F2000
TMG weapons  Thor bolt  
and a few secret guns  

Custom scripts by Tom_Bmx
Custom weapons and anims by sanya : “read the read me for the full list of thanks “
Custom trap 
One way teleporters 
Custom textures 
Custom sounds 
Easter eggs 
AI with mounted mg’s 
Buyable ending 
Win system by Tom_bmx
Custom anims by Tom_bmx 

Custom content scripts from TOM_BMX  and  TMG

TMG Nukem



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