Nazi Zombie 935 Laboratories

Nazi zombie 935 Laboratories
By: bamskater33

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my most ambitious mapping ever. I attempt to fill in the story of the mysterious group 935. After realizing there was a lack of volunteers for their experiments, they turned to a supply of war prisoners to meet their needs. They studies the effects of elements 112,115,116,118, and 122. It appears that 112 can kill those with 115 in their system, and the rest are nuetralizing agents.


– 4 story telling radios
– 1 3-bear song easter egg
– buyable Ending with a sad story of sacrifice
– custom Element 112 trap
– custom textures
– effects
– custom sounds for doors
– custom Pack-A-Punch access system with sounds
– perk bottle powerup
– ambient sounds
– dogs

took 3 long weeks to make, so enjoy!



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