Nazi Zombie Epitaph

Nazi Zombie Epitaph
By: BlazinAmmo

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Introducing Nazi Zombie Epitaph, my second nazi zombie map!  This is a large map offering plenty of secrets, strategies and diverse rooms to explore.  It may be the first of its kind, as you must drop down from room to room in order to reach the final, last stand room.  Choose either Easy or Hard mode to determine the size and difficulty of the rooms that you will discover in this massive Egyptian tomb.  You won’t survive.


Kino Der Toten teleporter
One-way teleporters
Custom loadscreens
Custom menu
Der-Riese styled
Buyable and pick-up weapons (Most pick-up weapons are tricky to find!)
Secret rooms
Der Riese and Shi No Numa zombies
Mounted MG42
Quicksand (not actual quicksand, but water with a sandy texture!)
No dogs
Two gameplay modes:  Easy and Hard (Each mode is beatable, just take a screenshot of the win game message that will appear after unlocking the entrance to the final last stand room!)
Upgrade-able Type99 w/Bayonet and DP-28
Tom BMX music box
Multiple Random Weapon Boxes
Disabled Cheats

I would like to thank this site as well as all of its members for their many contributions to my map.  Without all the tutorials, prefabs and help I would not have been able to complete this map.  Thanks everyone on the ZM community!  :) 

Note:  I have yet to beat hard mode myself, but I have come extremely close to doing so, and therefore I know it can be done.  It would be awesome to see some people beat this map on hard mode!  



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