Nazi Zombie Warehouse

Nazi Zombie Warehouse
By: domster66

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Hey this is my second map now and it took me only about a week, my first map took about that long even though it’s a quarter the size, but I really learned a lot and worked hours a day on it and I think it came out really well and I hope you enjoy it. It has pretty much everything you would need in a Prototype map. Mystery box, ray gun, buyable guns(look for the question marks on the wall for the guns) There is a geher in spawn room, a trench in the hallways(hard to see), Mp40 in packaging room(after hallway), FG(in main warehouse room), and a browning in the attic.

Known bugs-
-Lights are a bit messed up
-browning has missing sounds
-zombies sometimes walk through decor(don’t worry, not walls….i hope…jk…i think… see 4 urself)
-If you got more please message me and I will take a look!

UPDATE- Thanks guys for all the downloads and videos of gameplay, I really wish I had known this many people were going to be playing it so I would’ve worked out some bugs and stuff  o.o
But anyways I hope you have lots of fun on it, and here are some pics-



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