Nazi Zombie Propertree

Nazi Zombie Propertree
By: traill

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Map Background:
After crashing with a ww2 bomber because they ran out of gas, the 4 players find themselves on a isolated property. 
At first the property seemed to be innocent and just a civilian property but they couldn’t have been more wrong…
They fell asleep in a house located on the property, but they woke up by moans of zombies ripping boards off of windows.
Will this be the end…
…Or will this only be the start?

Map Description:
Propertree is a medium sized map.
I have avoided making large open areas where it is nearly impossible to die because this takes the fun out of the game and it would make people able to endlessly camp. This map contains a small easter egg that opens a large stone door, it’s very simple; you gotta find buttons and then push them in the correct order. There are few places to camp but there are obstacles and zombie spawns located on or near them, there are several places to get a good camp going or if your good enough for it a large multiple door loop to run. 

Map Features:
Double PaP – Pack A Punch your weapon twice for a golden version (various effects)
Steady Lemonaim perk – Normal steady aim MP function + laser sight
Conditioning Cosmopolitan Perk – Normal extreme conditioning MP function + decent speed boost
Flaka Jacka Perk – Take no damage from explosives, splash or fall damage at all (red indicator still shows, no shellshock at all)
4 original Der Riese perks
New powerup Bottomless clip – No reload or ammo consumption for 30 seconds
8 Black Ops guns – uzi , mp5k, m16a1, commando, galil, stoner, mpl, AK47 (all double upgradeable)
5 mystery boxes 
Der riese style teleporters 
5 musical easter eggs
1 main easter egg (not that difficult) which leads to a buyable ending and a sweet MG with a red moving texture
Buyable ending – 75k
Buyable powerups – x2, Instakill and Max ammo
Dog rounds and mixed rounds

– JV
– Slippery jim
– Sniperbolt
– Addicted
– Activaler
– Paragalor
– Cinnober
– Bookable
– UGX tutorials
– Holty007
– Tom_bmx
If your unnamed and believe i have used a tutorial/prefab etc. from you , tell me for credit



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