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The Basics: You find yourself outside in the front yard of a nazi duplex and it’s up to you to slaughter your way through overpaid real estate agents and fight for your right to modest rent.

What we liked: The map looks pretty darn good for being a few years old and it’s pretty small which means that things are going to get challenging pretty soon.  The thing I like the most it the upstairs last stand area with its own mystery box, wall weapons and mounted LMGs.

What we didn’t like: It being so small also means that your experience is going to be limited and you may not want to play it too many times. Also, it’s an older map so there are no custom guns or any other custom features. Also, there are no perk machines and no PAP either. Lastly, not all of these zombies have bought into the Nazi agenda as some of them seem pretty content to just stand outside the map and derp.

The final word: It’s a fun little map if you like to camp last stand areas, or if you just want to play a pretty short game of zombies. It may not impress you too much but there is still fun to be had if you can look past its limitations.



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