Nazi Zombie Conviction

Nazi Zombie Conviction
By: ConvictioNDR

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Der Riese style map with a lot of foliage that is not friendly to low end computers.
If you downloaded before 12/21/2012 you will need to download it again. I’ve made some changes.
Fixed Path issues around perk machines.
Increased damage for the deagle.
Increased the amount of points for the buyable ending.

Map Features:
~Mounted MG42 turret.
~Destuctible Truck.
~Power, 4 original perks + extreme conditioning, pap.
~Random perk machines for the 4 original perks.
~Self reviving quick revive.
~5 hit jug.
~Fixed WunderWaffe.
~Buyable monkey bombs.
~Buyable powerups (powerup machine)
~Two music box locations (first and last area) with fixed Lullaby and 4 Black Ops 1 songs and Carry On by A7X.
~A few shootable easter eggs.
~Unlockable Gold Desert Eagle (needed for some of the shootable easter eggs).
~Buyable ending.
~Impact nades.
~Zombies sprint from round one.
~Full auto Colt .45 with extended mag. Darkened weapon skin.
~Increased fire rate on M1 Carbine.
~Buyable PPSH on the wall.
~Custom main menu music.
~Solo button on main menu.
~Difficulty mod that effects zombie health, spawn rate, and player starting points.
~Timed gameplay option.
~Co-op Loadscreen and mission screen.

Special thanks to/credits:
gtlad – Helped with a lot of scripting related stuff like the phone lol
Tom_Bmx – Timed Gameplay, buyable ending, music box
Mrhankey91 – Difficulty mod, script placer
bamskater33 – Powerup machine
quizz – Impact nades
And many more of you who’s tutorials I followed or those of you who tested and gave feedback on the map.
Also to anyone else who helped me with anything on this map (too many names that I cannot remember right now).



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