Nazi Zombie Chaos

Nazi Zombie Chaos

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Map By:   ZCTxCHAOSx

  You wake up in a Sociopath’s Puzzle Game.  You are his toy.  The rules are simple:  Find your way out and your life is spared.

**REMEMBER**  He is always watching you!

**NOTE**  To play SOLO open console with ~ and type:
Code: [Select]
map nazi_zombie_chaos
into the console.

If map looks overly shiny or glossy turn SPECULAR maps off in options.

Map Features:

-Prototype Style With Special Combat ZCT Mod.

-Unique Style Gameplay

-Buyable Ending

-Professional Style Solo Load Video (Adam Smith)

-Timed Gameplay:  Thanks (TomBMX, Rampage619)

-Extra Special Teleporter Coding: Thanks (TomBMX,Nukem,Rampage619)

-No Crawlers (CoDMapper)


The teleporters are random but will take you to the color that you enter.  There is a chance of ending up in the same room but will always be the color you walk into.

-Shared Cooldown time of 15 seconds

-TomBMX Music Box:  Treyarch Songs Ok to use on Youtube.

-Interesting End Area with possibility to return to the rooms.

-Quad Zombies (Thank you Quizz)

– Two Boxes and at least one buyable perk per room color.

-Custom Named AI in End

-much more…

At times the re spawn timer will report a wrong time and you will re spawn a little early.  Will look into it.  Doesn’t affect game play however.
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