Detained Revamped

Detained Revamped
By: Swazzy

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Detained has been updated!

Welcome to the Nuclear Altering Facility!

It takes place out front of an old nuclear testing facility isolated in the outskirts of Berlin.
The reason behind the old factory was to alter how radiation affects the human body,
not long after testing one of the head scientists used Element 115 in one of the radiation test tubes.
He then placed a test subject in a open chamber and injected the dangerous gas.
The test subject did not make it through the first test and died just after the gas came into contact.
They buried the test subject and ventilated the chamber out. The following evening a alert was sent over the PA that there was suspicious activity of zombified creatures rising out of the ground, and that they should evacuate any non-essential personal.
Soon after, a team of military trained scientists were dispatched to the factory to Detain any form of life there and to keep the infected inside.
Features List:

     * Kino-Styled Teleporter (Modified Script)
     * Objective game play
     * Mostly Custom FX
     * Custom Weapon Sounds
     * Custom Textures & Skins
     * Don’s Achievements (Modified Script)
     * Verrückt Sprinters (Every 1/4th zombie)
     * Buildable Radio (Buyable Ending)
     * Black Ops Perks (Not Bam’s)
     * Black Ops Perk Bottles
     * Buffed Thompson/MP40 when upgraded.
     * Fixed Juggernog/Wunderwaffe
     * Music Easter Egg (In the spawn area on a light)
     * Zombie Counter (Modified Script)
     * New Perk: Downers Delight (Allows 60 second down time)
     * New Powerup: Gambler (Who knows how much you’ll win.)
     * Tweaked the Zombies a bit
     * Double Tap 2.0
     * Custom perk hud & icons
     * Prison Knife
     * Weather
     * Difficulty System
     * There’s more but I forgot :L


     * Map is recommended on solo. But still very fun with friends!
     * When you teleport, have a monkey bomb ready!
     * Take a look at Dempsey when you get the chance, his level of badassery just rose to a new all time high!
     * Please, report any bugs!

Special Thanks:

     * Don Goony
     * Earth
     * OnlineX420
     * SacredSlaya
     * Quizz
     * Rampage
     * Tom_Bmx
     * ZMRappidz
     * 45grand47
     * Azyru
     * SlashSgt

If I forgot anyone, PM me asap! Enjoy the map and be sure to post your records!
I was never able to finish the map so the Pack-a-Punch area is dodgy.



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