Makin Atoll

Makin Atoll
By: razzadaman

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*DISCLAIMER* This is my first real map! I did upload another map to this site but that was a year ago now and was based on the tutorial map.

This map took me 5 or 6 days to make, please report any bugs back to me please.

Makin Atoll: More than just sand and trees…..


Japanese Style Zombies
Buyable PPSH <3
Moving Pandora Box
Pack a Punch
All Perks
Black Ops Quick Revive For Solo
Climbing Zombies
Hidden Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe!
Hidden Song!
Mounted Turrets
Buyable Ending
Funny/Qwuerky Intro Sayings
Mission Objectives
Dolphin Dive From Black Ops (Not Tested!)
Custom Loadscreen Co-Op
Custom Loadscreen Solo (Not Fully Working!)
Custom Main Menu


You and your crew mates of Battalion 935 are flying over the Islands of Kiribati, East of Japan. You get a radio in that the war is over, HOORAY!

Suddenly the signal cuts off…..

The left engine fails on the aircraft causing it to spin out of control. The pilot, Tank Dempsey had to make a crash landing luckily just off a small island where a control station and radio tower is based, it’s deserted.

The area has been covered in toxic radiation from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in Japan, it isn’t the best place but it’s good for survival.

Suddenly you hear screams and shrieks coming from the ground….


Run For Your Lives! Radio For Help and Get Off the Island!


These Screenshots are from an older version of the map, prices have changed and things have moved.



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