Nazi Zombie Neighborhood

Nazi Zombie Neighborhood
By: traill

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Nazi Zombie Neighborhood

A medium sized map based off of der riese scripts . I have put just as much time into modding as mapping on this project and a decent chunk of time porting black ops weapons . This map is located in a small neighborhood in the middle of a pine forest . This area was used to test the impact of the infection before its wide spread contamination of the earth . Neighborhood was easily overrun and all of its occupants and military presence was wiped out. 


Black ops guns with their original firing sounds and reload sounds
8 perks , 4 waw 4 black ops and solo revive (Phd flopper is now Phd Cherry Popper due to no dive to prone, immunity to explosives , effect like electric cherry )
Powerups: All original , Death machine , Slow down , Money , Free perk ( under certain circumstances ) , Fire sale
Dog rounds / Mixed rounds
Custom scripts: Randomly spawning pick up items , Toilet Teleporter’s , Fx etc
Double pack a punch with buy able double pap ammo for wall guns 
Couple of musical easter eggs
Tom_BMX’s buyable ending 

and more

Big thanks goes to the ZM community for support and the resources that have taught me so much . 

Special thanks to 

Tom_BMX for his buyable end game script and his tutorials in maya and the like . 
BlackJackJonnyy for His excellent tutorials on mapping 
joshhugley for his juggernog fix 


This map is being released as is! This map has been bug tested in Singe player mainly . I have tested it in co op only a couple of times. This brings me to my point , there are bits of code i have written that may change things depending on the number of players , while i am fairly sure they should work i am not 100% positive. This will not be updated unless there is a game breaking glitch



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