Capsule Survival

Capsule Survival
Version: 3.0 By: CreeperFace

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Capsule Survival!
This map is made for the box map competition.

The story behind Capsule Survival:
As you escape Der Riese, you find out that someone has disturbed the world’s balance. You and your team need to restore it to stop the zombie apocalypse!

Features (Version: V1):
-Timed Gameplay
-Random Box
-Zombie Counter
-3 Upgraded weapons active in the box
-A customized MP40
-Thompson is replaced for the famous Chicago Typewriter
-Green Zombie Eyes
-2 Perks, hidden in the map

Features (Version: V2):
-Raygun Mark 2
-Added Weapon Prices so you wont need to run back to the capsule to check them
-Risers (finally)

Fixes V3:
Fixed Raygun Mark 2 problem.

Add a new way to get perks
Raygun Mark 2
Weapon Balancing
Fix hintstrings
Original Chicago Typewriter (MotD M1927)
Some other stuff, like minor buggs and features which are secret.

Map was made by CreeperFace
Credits to:
gtlad: Helped me with the scripts, big thanks to him!
Tom_BMX (although I dont want to add him): For Timed Gameplay scripts (really didnt want him)

Updates coming as I wanted to add more to it



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