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nazi_zombie_Imminent is my second map in my series. Stuff has improved so much since nazi_zombie_try so this should be better!

Basically, you are in an abandoned Group 935 laboratory in Berlin which has been experimenting in new tech.

The WunderKraft machine was their latest invention unit the apocalypse, you as survivers must use this machine to send the undead back into the ground.

Important features, must note:
|Black ops weapons (some have reload sound, some don’t but to be honest the map really doesn’t need them)
-And so much more!
|Buyable ending
|Decent Detail
|Black ops Perks (PHD, Staminup, Deadshot) (Credit to bamskater33)
|WunderKraft machine (Credit to bamskater33)
|No dogs
|Balanced Areas (Some small, some big)
|Non-moving random box
|5-Hit Jugg
|Double Tap 2.0 (Costs 3500 points)
|Secret trigger

Hope this’ll be good. If you have got any feedback I’d really like to hear it.

Ping988, out.



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