Zombie Folter

Zombie Folter
By: xJimmy33

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so, here are my second map:

THIS IS A WAW MAP so this map will not included black ops perks or modern weapons or something like that!!
play another map if you want them

-No story for this yet.
-Map made: 5-7 days
-My second map
-My first map I load up until now. can turn around for hours so my second map is the 1st ^^

this is a little objective / challanges map

map includes:

-Winnable endling

-Full gun names

-No pack a punch
-Only speed cola perk
-Shootable free jugger perk bottle (5 hit fixx) “hard” to find

-Glow zombie eyes

-Small sized map

-Easy dogs
-Ascension power style (changed vision file)
-custom vision – really dark
-Little detail

-Custom gun sounds


YaPh1l – zombie eye’s & typewriter intro –> Dr. Phil will have a surprise for you^^

UGX Team – UGX easy-fx tutorial

Swazzy – Gun sounds

Changelog v.2:
                 Clipping some modells
                 Changed the start pistol to the nambu
                 The map is now packed in UGX installer
                 Bigger playable area for drops
                 Easy-FX debug mode removed

Changelog v.3:
                      Remove dog rounds
                      Clipped some more modells

-Made in Germany haha..



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