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Map: Training
Mapsize: Huge
Difficulty: Medium
Style: Tropic, Der Riese, UGX-Mod 1.0.3
Mapper: -=LSK=-Holz

The Zombies see Ghosts comes with Aliens, so they must train something … climb ladders, jump and roll over Walls and Barrikades, walk over Water, jump from high places … .
Now you can go to train yourself, and kill a lot of trained Zombies.
This is a Huge Map in Carebean Clima Zone with many Palms, a lot of Sand, The Ocean, Rivers, Bridges, a little Memorial (because on this Day – we all were americans), different kind of Houses. Much detailed i worked 2-3 Months on this my third Map. 
To reach the buyable ending you must take the Teleporter, and have enough Money with you to escape from this Training Island.

– 8 Perks
– PaP 
– Zombie Counter
– Banksystem
– Buyable Dropdowns (Max. Ammo, Insta, x2)
– Buyable Ending (100.000) 
– Music Box
– No Dogs
Thx goes to:
The Betatesters: Silver, WhiteWolf, Gen. Buddy, Killer AUT
Treminaor for the Bank, Tom BMX for the Music Box,
Bamskater for the 8 Perks
Hole UGX-Mod Team for the Mod and Tutorials
ZM for Tutorials, Downloadlinks, Support etc.

v1.2 Changelog:
– More Zones, more Zombie spawns, more Fooliage
– Bank dont spend so much Money
– Some Bugfixes
– Fixed Jugger, If you die with Mulekick you loose all Perks and maybe 2 Weapons
– Added shootable Easter egg to come to max ammo
– Added Endgame-Camera
– Now its more action and harder to beat it!
– Now you can come back when you not have enough Money for the ending.
 (shoot something there wait 5 sec and go to beach)



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