Zombie Assault

Zombie Assault
Version: 1.0 By: johndoe

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This map features UGX Mod v1.0.3! For a full list of features

Hi everyone! I finally finished my first map and decided to release it into the wild :D it’s simply just a remake of good old Counter-Strike map, cs_assault. It took lots of time to finish it but finally it’s complete!


  • UGX Mod v1.0.3
  • Zombie Counter
  • Black Ops Perks (with trem’s fix)
  • Black Ops II perk shaders
  • Custom textures
  • Some voice acting done by me
  • Buyable ending (but you need to complete the easter egg before you can find it)

After Richtofen accidentally uses Wunderwaffe while teleporting, it teleports the team in a parallel universe. They find themselves in a warehouse which belongs to Black Mesa. The warehouse looks abandoned, but they are not alone. There is someone who works (or used to work) as a security guard at the warehouse, but actually, he is a spy who works for Aperture Science Inc. He got attacked by zombies after he and other workers got kidnapped by a group of terrorists. He’s the only survivor, and you need to find before he dies to escape, and return to your own universe.

I didn’t want to change the original layout of the map so much since i want it to look like the original. Also, i’ve just got a job so i hope there won’t be any more bugs because i won’t have much time to work on the map. I’ll try to spend my free time on new maps. I hope you enjoy it :)

Special thanks to:
– UGX Team for this awesome mod
– tom-bmx for zombie counter and buyable ending.
– bamskater33 for black ops perks
– treminaor for black ops perks fix
– codmoddd1234 for his neverending support
– SajeOne for tuts
– tomikaze, n123q45, echo000, Ege115, IHammY/ for testing and helping me fix some errors
– the people who made GCZ script placer for bo2 shaders
– and the people whom i forgot to mention



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