Super Hero Box (Only Works on Older Hardware)

Super Hero Box (Only Works on Older Hardware)
By: deper VS zombis

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This map seems to only work on older hardware.  If you try this map and it doesn't work there is no fix to make it work. 

Very good kids, here I bring my first “box map”. It is a small map with a lot of content, although it is not very big, I am really satisfied with the result, I hope you like it …

-25 bo guns

-1 special gun (lanzabolas)

-xm8 gun

-Mortar round -3 melee damage guns (katana-axe-shovel)

-kino style teleporter

-Bo perks -Bo2 buildables (x2)

-Buildable power switch

-Buyable end game

-Bo shaders

-Random weapon that spawn (upgraded)

-start weapon “m14”

-Skining zombies and players

-Rotate floor ((ambience effect personalized)(require turn power on)

-Laser tramp

-Efecto de zombies y power ups personalizados

CREDITS -tom_bmx -bamskater -treminaor -The Zombie Don -Addicted -Jake [Apex] -TheMightyDud -YaPh1l -TheNiceUb3r -Weezy428 -Gamer9294 -NUKEM -MrHankey -ExotiicDeath



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