Nazi Zombie Rooms

Nazi Zombie Rooms
By: PurpleDiesel

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credit to be given to the following people:

tom_bmx (for music box)
bamskater  (for the tut on bo1 perks)
me (for the custom skins and the crappy layout of the map)
zombie madness (for beta testing, bo1 weapons, and giving me the courage needed to make a custom WaW map) <—- my big inspiration
and any others that I have forgotten to add…

This is my first map ever made (sorry for the size)

Custom Items in this map:

Blops2 perk shaders for WaW perks
Blops2 x2 and instakill
Blops2 Double Tap 2.0
Custom camos from mw2, mw3, blops1, and blops2
Custom skinned knife
Music Box (currently only 1 custom song – will update that)
Custom textured planks on the windows
8 perks – 4 WaW and 4 Blops1 w/ Blops1 solo quick revive
Prices on WaW perks cut in half except quick revive
Custom weapon sounds
Replaced most standard WaW guns with Blops1 guns
A few Blops2 guns
Zombie Counter
Some custom camos not seen in ANY CoD
Starting Colt is golden
Custom PaP (pack a punch) camo :3
Custom purple zombie eyes :P
Fully Auto Blops1 Colt :P
Mystery Box custom camo
no dogs
Custom reskin on Jugg, SoH, and revive
the rest is up to u ;)

***Note*** When you first start the map you must open the door or else it glitches (working on it)



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