Nazi Zombie Raining

By: chromastone10

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My 2nd map ever, still a few bugs that will be updated like the buyable ending doesn’t work solo, not sure if it works online, message me if you know how to fix but you can try it

The final version of my map I tried to release caused people’s game to crash for unknown reason so I had to release the version right before the final version, the buyable ending was a radio that would end the game about how you take a plane you find but it won’t work, so the 2nd teleporter in the secret area doesn’t work, it was supposed to teleport you to the plane room

-3 bear easter egg to open secret door
-Black Ops Weapons and Tom’s Melee weapons all pack a punchable
-pack a punchable Walther pistol
-Black ops perks and world at war perks
-Five teleporters
-Custom textures
-powerup machine
-one way teleporters
-buyable raygun
-custom zombie eye color and glow
-zombie counter
-custom colt
-custom main menu music
-slide room
-custom mystery box music
-black ops 2 shaders

Thank you to everyone on zombie modding in the user tutorials, I would name them but forgot some of the forums I used for my map and cant find them now
nukem – one way teleporters
Bamskater – Black ops perks
five teleporter guy

Thanks to beta testers:



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