Nazi Zombie Dragons Nest (Only Works on Older Hardware)

Nazi Zombie Dragons Nest (Only Works on Older Hardware)
By: deper

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This map seems to only work on older hardware.  If you try this map and it doesn't work there is no fix to make it work. 

Good Xavales I show you my next map nazi_zombie_Dragons_Nest. A nuclear explosion has accidentally exploded killing all living beings in the surroundings, you were sent to report the status of the warehouse, recognize the area, manage to survive and return to the base to inform your superiors ,,,,, Good luck !!

-Guns (25 bo guns-1 special gun (lanzabolas)-Death machine-xm8

-walther-3 melee damage guns (katana-axe-shovel))

-bo perks

-white dogs

-bo buildables

-power switch buildable (excavator with custom effect)

-coat of gas (buildable)

-Buyable end game (plane buildable)

-you need press a button to start game

-easter egg (music)

-slide doors

-dig site (customiced)

-apex pack

-nuclear bomb (ambience effect personalized)

-Five zombies

-zombies and power ups effects personalized

-dynamic fire around the map

-kino style teleporters


-shangri-la cart ride

CREDITOS -Bluntstuffy -TheMightyDud -bamskater33 -OnlineX420 -shippuden -pedrehitor -Mrhankey91 -tom_bmx -The Zombie Don -treminaor -YaPh1l




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