Zombie Dubai

Zombie Dubai
Version: 1.1 By: ZCTxCHAOSx

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Original Call Of Duty: 4 Multiplayer Layout and Design: Andy “Tubby” Sechrist
ZCT Mod: ZombieChickenTaco.com
Bomb Ending/Timed Gameplay: Tom BMX
General questions answers and help: Quizz, Nukem, CornrowWallace, Alex (SparkyMcSparks) Romo
Testing: SoloCustomZombies, Quizz, Nukem, Zebba, CzarMorte, Conway, Resort, NGT

The zombie outbreak continues… Dubai is the most recent victim of the zombie virus spread.

Your mission is to NUKE Dubai to stop further spread of the disease.

Intelligence indicates there are two pieces of a bomb scattered throughout the city:




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