By: iBarnett

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This is my 3rd map called Nazi Zombie Killswitch.

It takes place in a excavation desert site where all has gone wrong and zombies have appeared.

Features: – **JUGG works** (first time) Wooo
               – All perks from WaW/Blops
               – Double Tap 2.0 
               – Blops Quick Revive
               – Limited weapons (sort of a challenge map)
               – Hidden Mule Kick (broke down and actually added it…. no troll)  (shootable)
               – No dogs
               – One-way Teleporter
               – Maze like areas for some perks
               – End game 
               – Not a lot of detail… but its a desert

Issues:    – 2 doors have 1000 points to buy but are actually free
               – If theres a bunch of zombies when entering the tele it may take a couple seconds for the zombies to reach the end game area

Thanks to: – Zk (script/tuts)
                – Treminaor (zoning help/tuts)
                – YaPh1l (scripts)
                – Tom_bmx (scripts)
                – Bamskater (scripts/prefabs)
                – Other friendly people from UGX

***Turn off Specular Maps in game graphics settings***



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