PGZ’s Small Map: Standard & UGX Edition

PGZ's Small Map: Standard & UGX Edition
By: ProGamerzFTW Version: Standard & UGX Edition

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3/3 Updated Download Links – Contained unnecessary -extract files.
3/4 Added More Detail (probably as far as I am going to go as far as detail.)
3/5 Removed XM8, increased soul box timeout from 75 to 120.
3/5 Changed Mudpit, a random path is chosen, and static for the entire game.
3/5 Increased Soul Boxes Trigger Radius, lowered buyable ending price from 50000 to 35000 (seems the best for a small map).
3/12 Added UGX download.
3/19 [UGX] Added Difficulty Setting, Added Infinite Ammo Shader, Added Round Sounds from MOTD, Buried, Origins.
3/23 [UGX] Renamed name in mod list to “PGZ’s Small Map UGX Edition”, Fixed Gamebreaking bug with infinite ammo powerup, and while I fixed it, just for fun, added UGX Fire Sale to Classic, changed Random Perk Powerup model to UGX question mark, enchanced solo quick revive fx when going away after 3 uses, disabled buying ammo for wonder weapons, changed HUD to a MOTD style HUD

Wunderwaffe Fix (doesn’t take you down to 1 health)
Juggernaut Fix (4-5 hit)
Double Points Nuke/Carpenter
Some Custom Script Fixes

– Black Ops Perks
– Black Ops 2 Shaders
– Difficulty/Timed Gameplay Toggle
– Zombie Counter
– Tom Bmx Melee Weapons
– Soul Box
– Music Box
– Kino-Style Teleporter
– Kino-Style Spawn
– Shangri-La Style Mudpit [Fixed]
– 2 Custom Poweups
– Small Easter Egg, easy to find.
– Buyable Ending

Credits to, in no specific order

Bamstaker33 – For Black Ops Perks v2.0
AwesomePieMan – Solo Revive Modified
Mrhankey91 – Zombie Counter (and difficulty mod?)
Tom_bmx – Timed Gameplay, Melee Weapons, Music Box, and Buyable Ending
jei9363 – Weapon Glow and Random Spawn Character
Aidan(Addicted) – Kino-Style Teleporter v2
BioAftermath – HD Perk/Powerup Shaders
KDXDARK – Kino-Style Spawn, Infinite Ammo Powerup
ZMBS DON GOONY & GTLAD for original, modified by steeltoedkoiak – Droppable Perks
Quizz – Impact-Nades
BluntStuffy – Soul Chests
Swazzy – HUD

and Special Thanks to YaPh1l
for being an awesome help solving some problems.

Anyone I’ve missed? Comment below and I’ll add you to the credits. :)



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