ILS Lets Go Home

ILS Lets Go Home
Version: 3.0 By: MakeCents

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When it happened everything flooded and left me stranded here. 
The world ended and I’m still stuck at work. That’s almost not worth fighting for…
Zombies are coming at me from the floors, walls, ceilings, water, and outside the fences. 
No place is safe. We have to keep moving… I have to get home!

ILS, Lets Go Home v3.0 Final 6/16/14

v3.0 Final

  • Communal Box (You can steal each others stuff from the box)
  • 10th perk, Electrokinesis
  • Custom power up, Electrokinesis
  • Improved mapping – BlackJackJonnyy tuts
    • Brighter outside
    • Map is portalled and leaks fixed
    • Detail added
    • More FX
    • General fixes and tweaks
  • Cant stand on the car anymore with out getting hurt – mxtxm for recommendation
  • Solo button added to menu – InFInIX for menu file
  • Narrations – by BYTE

   ALERT   If your water is black, instead of red, that may be a sign that you may need to delete the map and then re-install, or re-download and re-install the map. 

WARNINGThe one piece of fence outside where you can see the outside of the spawn area is sticky. You will have to bleed out and wait for the round to end if you get stuck on it.

There is a car you can get stuck on too, the confused car, but the other car will knock you off if you survive till it gets there.

Additional Thanks:

  • RobinW96 for pap camo using Notepad tut
  • luckinfegend, Andrew Pickles for testing and playthrough videos
  • UGX forums were super helpful getting, what I wanted in the first release, done in this one. Thanks to all the helpful members.
  • Features:
    •    8 perks, WaW and BO (No BO models)
    •    Zombie counter
    •    Custom skins (P1, P2, and zombies)
      •    P1 is M.A.K.E C E N T S
      •    P2 is gorilla10
      •    zombies are ILS employees
    •    Modified weapons
    •    Melee weapons (Upgradeable, only one special)
    •    Buyable auto turret system
    •    Two mountable turrets
    •    Sound bites from movies and songs
      •    Idiocracy
      •    Grandmas Boy
      •    Lost in Space
      •    Last dragon
      •    Thrift Shop
      •    Johnny Paycheck
    •    Robot car moves around (Be careful not to get stuck)
    •    Dog rounds and random dogs

    Special Thanks to:
    •    gorilla10 – Testing
    •    ZOMB1E-KLLR – Great tutorials
    •    Tom BMX for melee weapons, tools, and zombie counter
    •    Bamskater33 – BO perks
    •    UGX, GCZ, and ZM forums and tools
    • Thanks everyone.

      Here are some prefabs included in this map.

      This is my first map. 
      Single Player:
      Console>map nazi_zombie_ils[/list]



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