Nazi Zombie HDKenny

Nazi Zombie HDKenny
By: HDKenny

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This is just my first map so I could get used to the radiant lol.
Anyway, it is a pretty hard map and it is fairly small.

Some Features:
-No Dogs
-Custom Weapon Textures
-Custom Hud – By Swazzy
-Small, but still fun!
-Pretty Hard!

Custom Hud – Swazzy
Script Placer – Mr Hanky
Tutorial Prefabs – Sniperbolt
Wind & Zombie Counter – Tom_Bmx —- Both Modified by yours truly <3
Sorry if I missed anyone  :-[ I think I got everybody but if I didn’t just tell me

ps: I think my next map will be done tomorrow and its pretty good for a second map, made in like a week or 2 :P



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