Side Project

Side Project
By: Murdainc

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No story for this one, just kill the zombies and try to survive for the end to pay the troll.
I made this because I got bored doing my main map since there is just so much to do, hope you enjoy and feedback is very much appreciated.

(I edited most of the weapons stats and also lowered the zombie health percentage gain by a bit)

Buildable PAP and Power
Buyable Ending
BO Perks
Custom FX, skins etc.
3 Meteor song
Buyable Powerups
5 bear easter egg

Basically everyone at ZM helped, some in more ways than others, so if you are a ZM lover or higher you probably contributed in some way and THANKS guys :P

TIP ->(When building the parts to the PAP machine do not spam F or your Alt key.)



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