Temple Maze

Temple Maze
By: Rosasau100

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Rosasau100 – Map maker, Textures
SammyCustom – scripting, beta testing, Textures and adding sounds for p90
Iambackbitch – giving p90 and custom & viewhands
VaporKnight13 – Beta Testing
TomBMX – Tutorials
ZK – Tutorials
Ya Ph1l – Tutorial and typewriter intro

Story Line:
You was knocked out in your home by zombies.
The next day you woke up in a creepy temple that was cursed by zombies.
You must find your way out of the temple and prepare to kill big hordes of zombies!

Sprinters from the start
Buyable ending
1 custom gun
Minecraft Textures
Custom gun names
Custom Perk Prices
2 hidden guns
Solo Quick Revive
Double Tap 2.0



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