Testing Base 36

Testing Base 36
By: bwx66930 (Apex)

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link updated, electric cherry fixed, 5 hit jug now not three hit
also those who havent figured it out, mule kick is a troll

this is my second map and it includes
-black ops 2 perks
-luner lander
-boss zombie
-tom’s melee weapons
-custom view hand models
-custom textures
-buyable ammo for any gun
-radio music
-custom main menu music
-perk icons change
-tommy gun large ammo
-custom gun textures
-custom pap texture
-custom pap
-custom box texture
-secret door
-5-hit jug
-mob of the dead zombies
-buyable ending
-zombie counter

People who provided scripts/models and tutorials
-Tom BMX
-Jake [Apex]



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