House 69

House 69
Version: 1.3 By: Yonkers 1v

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By Yonkers 1v (my first map :D), This is a difficult small sized map.


You are forced to defend your only home from the zombies who infest it. This has been your 69th home since the zombie attack and you hope to keep it…


– BO Perks
– Multiplayer weapons
– Soul Chest
– Easter Egg
– 10 Total Perks
– Custom gun and equipment textures
– Custom zombie and player skins
– BO Quick Revive
– Custom load screen’s
– Jugg fix
– dogs removed
– insta-kill removed

Special Thanks / Credit to

– BluntStuffy
– Ugx and zm Comunity
– Bamskater33
– ZK (Zombie Killer) (youtube:
– Gamer9294

If i forgot to credit you PM me 
Testing and mapping was done all by me and only by me so no credits for that



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