Nazi Zombie Night Rooms

Nazi Zombie Night Rooms
Version: 1.2 By: Chromastone10

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This is my first map ever and the map is small, hope you guys like

-Kino Style Teleporter
-Black Ops Perks
-Buyable Ending/ Buyable Ammo
-PPSH on wall
-Audio Easter Egg

Update: v1.2
-Fixed black ops perks
-Can’t exit map through barriers
-Can’t hide under tables to be invincible
-added zombie counter

and the mystery box used to change locations but for some reason it will give a teddy bear but then respawn in the same exact spot. If you know how to fix please reply, please give postive feedback/tips, first map I have ever done, with no map making experience before this… let me know what you guys think.



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