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Remember this map is nothing special. Just something to add to the site :)  8)

Story – 

I does take place after my last map Aranda. The war in japan is still happening. After the Germans and the japs joined together to make the infection. enjoy

-Stock Weapons/ Because i can never import guns! Never works. But the guns will act different to normal Waw.
-Stock perks/ Might add some more. Depends.
-Medium sized easter egg/ Wanted people to have fun with a map this small.. so getting perks,power,pack a punch is different and harder. 
-Change of feel/ FOV Changed 
-New Pack a punch camo.
-New perk icons.

Credit –

xJimmy33 – Perk & Powerups Shaders / Pack a punch camo / HUD
pashan – Prefab
UGX – Helping



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