Revenge of The Butterstack UGX

Revenge of The Butterstack UGX

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please take it easy on me guys this is my first map little project to see if i could make a map i find it fun me and few friends played it and they all said for a box map not bad so yeah 🙂 
its a box map I know Booooo but next 1 will be huge I promise hahah
in this map
bamskater33 roaming pap
bamskater33 Mob Of Dead zombie
Trems bank And Juke Box
Tom_BMX Game timer
Tom_BMX Melee Weapons
ZK 3 part buidabel power switch
buyabel ending Tom_BMX
Hex Zombie Gas Perks
I was going to extend this map but I Kept having Errors
with sound and FX so I left it like this and some gun sound are missing

Bugs non so far as I know plz report bugs to me 


  • Small size
  • 4 standard perks (appearance changed)
  • BO2 Perk Icons
  • Zombies from Mob of the Dead
  • Moving PaP
  • Bank
  • Jukebox
  • Zombie counter
  • Collected electricity
  • Ax, katana and shovel
  • There are dogs
  • Buyable ending



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