End Of The Line

End Of The Line
By: damonmbk

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“End of the line” formaly Known “Zombie loading” on a few sites WIP sections

This is my first map I have worked on the last few months, I built the map as a thanks to my subscribers. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Map Story:

It’s been a 100 years since the outbreak at a train staion and surrounding area, No one has entered the zone since.
The local authorities have gathered the best of the best to clear the area in attempt to regain the cervillian train Station that was
used by the ARMY for weapon and ammo supplies transport in WW1.

Blackops2 weapons
A few Blackops 1 weapons
PAP easter egg
Soul chests with a weapon reward (not raygun)
Unlock perk slots
Blackops2 perks
Buidlable power switch
Buidlable buyable ending
Trem Bank (Disabled interest, be a team player and share points with friends)
Blackops2 Mob of the dead zombies
Zombie counter

Tom Bmx = Helped me out alot and for his tools
BluntStuffy = Soul Chests
Bamskater33 = Perks and MOTD zombies
Elfenliedtopfan5 = Weapon and video tuts
ZOMB1E-KLLR = Video Tuts
JR-Imagine = Counter and hud
Rollonmath42 = Video Tuts
MrZ0mbiesfanatic = Scripting and weapon help
CustomZombies = Help set up mods tools

If ive missed anyone please let me know!

Known Bugs:

Co-op players faces are messed up, I shall work to fix this over the next few days.
Loading screen images dont work properly, I will try to fix this if i can.



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