Russian Base

Russian Base
By: Dust

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Here is my latest map called Russian Base. Hope you guys enjoy! Features and credits are towards the bottom.


  • Black Ops Perks
  • Black Ops 2 Weapons with correct sounds and animations, ported them all myself
  • Easter egg with a buyable ending at the end
  • Animated models, you will see what that is when you play the map
  • Generators to turn on the power(not origin generators, something different)
  • New PAP camo
  • New Round chalk as well as points hud
  • Solo scoreboard
  • Second chance for solo players, similar to the ZCT mod
  • Elemental ammo drop
  • Five zombies
  • Double Tap 2.0


  • Rollonmath42 for maya tutorials also for the MP5 and the Ripper from Ghost
  • Codmodd1234 for animated models as well as teaching me more about fx
  • Grantdaddy007 helping me test as well as the fan spin script
  • Bamskater for black ops perks and the zombie models from five
  • Tom BMX for Lemon and Lime
  • ProXFTW for the solo scoreboard
  • Tom BMX for Lemon and Lime
  • Bluntstuffy for the element ammo drop
  • ConvictioNDR for Double Tap 2.0
  • JR-imagine for Mob of the Dead HUD
  • HitmanVere for helping me with guns, reporting bugs, and detailing


  • AN94
  • b23r
  • ballista
  • blundergat, no acid gat version
  • chicom
  • dsr50
  • kap40
  • lsat
  • m27
  • mark2
  • mp5 with silencer and red dot sight
  • mp7
  • Black Ops 2 mp40
  • msmc
  • pdw
  • peacekeeper
  • Remington 870 MCS
  • Remington new model army
  • s12
  • scarh
  • skorpion
  • smr
  • Black Ops 2 stg44
  • vector K10
  • Duel Wield weapons from Darksiders
  • Ripper
  • MG08



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