Nazi Zombie ZoneMap

Nazi Zombie ZoneMap
By: Denis-24

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*I fixed the lightning problems and some wrong-placed objects,new links added,i hope the map is good now and there is no problems*
*some debris are now cheaper – to help some less experienced users when playing solo + 250 points at start instead of 0*
*When i notice problems i will fix it and upload new links!*

Hello! I am excited to show you my very first map! it is not the best map but it is a bit diferent and when you figure out how it works i think you will love it  :-*

The map includes:

-Very detailed lightning to make the map fun.scary and different!

-Multiple floors and a roof

-5-HIT JUGGER! Other perks: quick revive,speed cola,double tap

-Wall guns and debris

-Mystery box


-Pack a Punch

-Dog rounds



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