Flucht Fur Die Toten

Flucht Fur Die Toten
Version: WIP By: drhackz

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Your set in an abandoned warehouse building where the nazi’s hid all there experimental moving boxes, weapons, and 
cell enhancing vending machines. Your character was looking for all the secrets that hitler hid after the war.  When he found Building 237 next to a cemetery he went straight in rather than radioing to his team. He went through some boxes and found mysterious meteorites that glowed red. He then awakened the dead nazi soldiers that worked in that building. They are here for your souls. Can You Escape The UNDEAD?

Map Includes:
Black ops Weapons
Black ops 2 Weapons
Black ops Perks
Waw Perks
Buyable Ammo
Buyable Ending
Zombie Counter
And Much More

Map Excludes:
ALL Waw Weapons
Pack a Punch

This is my first map so don’t expect anything too special
I will make a sequel to this if need be.

Beat the map by round 28
Get to round 100
Only go down 1 time.

Special Thanks
Rorke: Weapons / Help
Ugx: Support / tutorials
Sniperbolt: Tutorial prefabs
Bam: Various Things
Harry Bo21: Getting the damn name right


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