Consumed Souls

Consumed Souls
Version: 1.0 By: BRO_MAHO_101

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Hello there, welcome to consumed souls! (My first of hopefully many custom zombie maps)

This map uses the basic world at war zombie stuff, including the 4 original perks:

– Juggernog [ 5 Hit Fix]
– Doubletap Rootbear 1.0
– Quickrevive [NOT black ops version]
– Sleight of Hand

And of course, all of the guns of der riese, except SOME guns have been changed and improved!.. Just don’t pack a punch the Thompson if you know what I mean… ;)

The story is basic, the 4 characters, after teleporting in the NBT, find themselves standard in a small building, no way out, and with constant hordes of the undead coming at them. They find what is easily identified as all of the perks, and moving magic box. They find their familiar guns and notice some are altered. Only you can decide their fate!

I really hope you enjoy it, I have been working on it continuously for the past 5 days, my deadline was the 10th of January, as it was my birthday, but I was busy so today (the 11th) is the day I finally get to upload! ENJOY!  ;D



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