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Hello, all! This is my first map (7 months on build record) and I do hope it is enjoyed to an extent. There is no heavy modding, it is just basic WaW Zombies in a different playing field pretty much. To launch solo, type in the console “map nazi_zombie_abc” excluding the quotes. Regards, Niknokinater.  :)

The few features I am able to recall:
-Occasional Stone Barriers much like in Nacht or Vurruckt.
-Small “Find the teddy bears” Easter Egg process to unlock Pack-a-Punch.
-Radio containing an instrumental Easter Egg track.
-Small cash piles around the map.
-Tight Spaces, yet with trainable areas.
-Custom Announcer (Sound may be irregular due to my unnoticed real-time Sound Equalization).
-Functional Zones (And yes, that means Risers and Dogs)
-Immense texture blending and detail
-The 4 Basic Perks
-Lonely feeling if playing solo (mentioned by multiple testers)

Also, do ensure to post videos (if possible) of sessions of the map. I enjoy a good match of others on here.



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