Five Hours of Blood Crystal Edition

Five Hours of Blood Crystal Edition
By: josh1600

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Hey guys, here it is!

Five hours of Blood – Crystal Edition

The map was created with a strict time constraint, using the time wisely I created a map that can show new members that it’s easy to make maps! …you just need to play around with radiant and some scripting to make a cool playable map! …The red hue is to give the feel of blood and rage in the map, the fountain was made with a single patch and by sticking a model on the top. Venture around the map, some doors are buyable… some require the hint of magic that can only be activated by shooting / buying the teddies.

This doesnt feature a menu screen, so don’t feel confused when loading the mod… (the mod by the way is under the name of ‘nazi_zombie_fivehours’)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and lastly… Enjoy!

xSanchez78 – Survive Doors Script
Mrhanky – Zombie HUD code
Tom_bmx – end game script
P0tZ РHelping Test & Uploading Mirrors  :)
…if I missed someone please send me a pm and I will kindly update this list.

Making the Five Hours of Blood map

Developing Five Hours of Blood – Part 1: 90 mins x10 speed
0-98mins of the project (in 9 mins)… will update with other parts soon.



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