Nazi Zombie Deadline

Nazi Zombie Deadline
Version: 2.1 By: Bookable

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**Fixes in 2.1**
1. Removed MANY bugs
2. Bug free elevator (as far as I know)
3. Added safeguards for glitches found (if you get out of the map, you get ported back in)
4. Added spawn points on the peer to make it more intense
5. Added spawn points on the beach
6. Added a second entrance to the upstairs on the house from the deck
7. No more crawly farming (Every Crawler has a 60-120 second random bleed out time)
8. Added the Bowie, Magnum, and Mollys
9. Fixed issue where players could not buy Mortars or Satchels after death
10. Fixed Elevator POI
11. Replaced the first song of the music box to the one used in the trailer
12. And Much Much More that I cant think of :)

NOTE** If your flogger is not launching zombies, take your bodies count in your settings from Insane to Large or Medium.

Things in map…
3.Power Lights
4.All Perks 
5.Auto Turrets
6.Auto Turret trap
8.All Power Ups (except Carpenter)
9. Very Big Map (lots of running space)
10. Teleporters
11. End style Hallway (Shortened to increase difficulty)
12. Satchel Charges
13. Music Box
14. Randomized Perks!
15. Fog
16. Added starting area
17. Fixed many bugs



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