Exo Zombies: Outbreak Remake

Exo Zombies: Outbreak Remake
By: chromastone10

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Wanted to wait til I had more but felt kinda forced, wont be working on this much until after Slumber is released, so now I have like 3 different maps im working on lol, just barely started on this but had it planned since release of my first exo zombie map

This map is a remake of the Advanced warfare dlc 1 exo zombies map Outbreak

main credits so far: Tom BMX for his ridiculously helpful tools lemon and lime

Planned features:
-All characters from exo zombies plus diolog
-AW dogs
-AW ambient music for each round
-couple custom animated AW guns, most from bo2
-a few extra rooms added maybe
-Exo suits
-Host rounds
-3D printer
-Power stations
-Point machines
-Garbage chutes
-Exo Upgrades
-Upgrade Stations
-AW hud
-Orbital drops



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