Hold Out

Hold Out
Version: 2.0 By: elichvatal

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So i published a map recently and i made it a long time ago and being stupid as can be I didn’t check for any errors and just threw it out there :-\ I know know i should of taken more time and made it perfect but since i didn’t, i’m making this now. So Hold Out 2.0, now with a couple major map layout differences and……….BLACK OPS PERKS, YAAAAAAAAA :D. The story is still the same, a group of solders came to ambush German Base 225 in 1938 and succeeded. BUT the Germans we’re hiding a secret stash of element 115. Now endless hordes of the un-dead come at you, with no escape can you Hold Out? For V2.0 i added more zones so the zombies spawn more evenly and they dont just come at you from one direction. A new (not really a maze but a little confusing) maze where the  Black Ops Perks are located. Again if anyone would post any game play makesure to tell me because I would love to see it :D

BO Perks
BO Quick Revive
WaW perks & guns
Intro Text
Zombie Counter
BO perk and power-up shaders

Zomb1e-Kllr, Custom mapping tut
Jay or Bamskate, BO Perks
UGX Community, help with errors
Script Placer Z people, Scripts
Sniperbolt & Bamskate, Prefabs

Hope You like this one better then the last one!
ENJOY :rainbow: :nyan: :gusta:



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