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So Bunker Is a Small simple map i was planning on only spending a day or two and ended up spending¬† a couple weeks on. It really is nothing especially crazy but is fun and runs pretty good. It’s only my second my with my first being Hold Out. I don’t suggest getting it since it sucks really bad, HONESTY¬† ;D.

Bunker is a Small German Base where studies were made on element 115. But when zombies overtook the lab where scientists were studying them a zombie outbreak began. Surrounded in a German Field in the middle of nowhere, four scientists who have gotten left behind are forced to stay behind and fight off the Nazi Zombies. With plenty of element 115 left behind the four scientists have teleported guns from the future to help them fight off the zombies. Bunker is a pretty tight quarters map with a few good training areas and tons of modern guns (Rollonmath 42!!!!).

Modern Guns

Browning – PPSh-41
BAR – G3
Double Barrel – Stakeout
Double Barrel Sawed Off – Dual Wield Kap-40
FG42 – Stoner63
Gewehr43 – Galil
Kar98k – B23R
Scoped Kar98k – M40a3 Custom
M1 Carbine – MP7
M1 Garand – Rollon’s MP9
M1 Garand Grenade Launcher – ACR
Flamethrower – SCAR-H
MG42 – RPK
MP40 – Commando
Panzerschrek – Doom Plasma Rifle
PTRS-41 – MP5
Ray Gun – Ray Gun Mark 2
Trench Gun – M1216
Springfield – P90
STG-44 – AN-94
.357 Magnum – Python
Thompson – AK74u
Crappy Molotovs are still here:(

Custom Hud
Zombie Counter
Ray Gun MKII Wall Buy
Custom Comic Co-op And Solo Load
Sort-Of Hidden Armory with free Weapons
Spawn with Strong Colt and Rollons Mp9
Nuketown Zombies (actual zombies, not players)

Blunt stuffy
zomb1e kllr
Mr. Hanky
Make Cents
Super Special Thanks to Rollonmath 42, This map would be total crap without you!
Hopefully I didn’t forgrt anyone!

P.S Some of the guns have a Halo Aim. Sorry, I can’t fix this :(

Anyways ENJOY :nyan:


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