Testing Facility Gone Zero V3

Testing Facility Gone Zero V3
By: animekingichigo

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Hello this is one of two maps i have been making and i have completed this one recently… this is the smallest of the two but this map i tried to design… this map to be relatively hard or more depending on person.
The  map contains 
Some BO1 Weapons, Halo Dual magnums…
Some Of the BO1 weapons you can only get by upgrading a Cod waw Weapon (dont worry they have been modified to be nice weapons) :P also the Halo Pistoles you are only able to get by packing a weapon. There is a Double Pack able Weapon… And a buy-able ending.
BO1 perks and electric cherry!!
Marsvinking- Helped with some texture’s and he made the Spawn Ceiling for me :P and he was a beta tester
GH1LL13- Beta Tester, and helped with the cod waw to BO1 pack (helped chose guns to change in to what lol)

BO1 Weapons files:
zombie madness aka Rorke-extra weapon fixes and porting these weapons 
elfenliedtopfan5-weapon fixes
SammyCustom-finding bugs in the weapons
rollonmath42-for shotgun fixes
Tom_bmx- Toms Music Box and Tools
For those Who do not wanna Find what guns pack in to what here is list :p

STG44-AUG…….FG42-Famas…….M1911-halo Pistoles……MP40-Galil

For Those who whant to know which weapon is double packable….  PPSH



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