Group 931

Group 931
Version: 1.0.6 By: EAT13

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You crashed in an abandoned city covered in lava this happened after the moon event “The Big Bang Theory” now you 4 marines must survive in this city against the undead of group 931. Marine 1 says to his marines “The dead walk the earth , and what remains of civilization is that the mercy of forces that we barely understand… how do we get out of here ? we dont know… we must fight for our lives against these creatures …. we face the future alone..”


bo , bo2 , cod4 weapons

bo perks 

bo revive-Disabled due to errors

five zombies 

New zombie animations 

Double PAP for only BO2 Guns

and some secrets along the way :pffft:


jei9363 for the five zombie models , Black Ops 1 perks , and for Electric Cherry 

rorke for the BO,BO2  weapons 

UGX Mods team for Easy fx

GreenLung Custom Zombies for the script placer for this map

Hitmanvere for the pap camo

Mrdunlop4 for the Nuketown 2025 Character models

Removed Solo Revive Due it errors
Some Errors have been fixed
Teleporter is now fixed and works right
Now has a zombie counter



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