Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer
Version: 4.20 By: JWofle

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Dear NGT pwease read I add things 4 u so like really play this<3.

Hi ZM  :(
My name is Derpwopples and I would like to me introduce you all my to my new zombies map called ‘Zombie Slayer’.
This map has taken me like 3 months to manfacture in my workshop. I hope you all lick it because I spent lots of effort into it. I got the inspiration of this map from the toxic things people say that make me cry at night :)
The map takes place in my mind and you beat it at round 100!! I also got inspiration from RIsev2 because that was like an okay map and I had lods of fun!
This map has like 4 areas, parkour, spawn, water, pap and random building. This map has got creativity from my mind that fueled the making of this map to turn out how it did in the end  ::)
I tried to make the graphics look super elite so I added a delpth of dof effect which makes it kinda blurry and I hope you like the improved graphics and are a bit jelly :PPP

When u wanna play go to coop then host game and like click the buttons to make it work.. If you have no friends and your a super loser loner, to play the the map, go to console (press the button in like top left of qwerty board) and type in /unbindall ‘/map zmobie_mapoftehyear’. It’s called that because I really hope people like it and vote it map of teh year.

-Popup Funny Images!
-Cool unique messages!
-Awesome new powerups!
-Really cool boss round zombies!
-AI that’s like really fun!
-Black Ops III perks (c00l)!

Thanks JR-Image for fixing my issues and scripting, u’re helpful on this!
Thanks to Mr-Hanky for his sliding doors!
Thanks Terminator for UGX mapping tools fix
Thanks GayArch for giving us cod4 and radiant etc blah blah.
Thanks Lossy for ascii art (well hello there).

lukkie and hitmanveear u are beasts.

none, I tested it thoroughly

hi lol put me inyour video and I get famous?? and I play with you I love you I watch your videos (ngt and yaw especially).

PM if you don’t understand  :accepted:



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