Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
By: OnlineX420

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The Basics: It’s small, it’s pink and it may cause you to swear like a sailor.

What We Liked: The first few rounds until you can get the mystery box unlocked and afford a weapon are really tough and after 4 or 5 restarts I was ready to hold Hello Kitty’s head underwater till the bubbles stopped coming up. But once you finally succeed you feel like a king…a king of a very pink kingdom.

What We Didn’t Like: Once you get the mystery box unlocked and a couple decent guns the challenge is over. Also, since the map is so old there are only stock WAW guns & perks.

Final Word: I know it’s basic and primitive but I still come back to it for some reason. It’s fun to blow the dust off this dinosaur and live in it’s bright pink glow from time to time, just watch your language early on.





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