The Overlook Hotel

The Overlook Hotel
By: CraftDAnimations

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What is up guys and welcome to my first ever map.  Now guess what?  Its NOT a box map LMAO.  Now this map took me about 2 months to create and even though I did make it and am totally biased – I think its good.  This map was created for YouAlwaysWin as a timed exclusive and then given to a few YouTubers.  But I am happy to announce it is now available to all.

The map is based off the Stephen King film “The Shining” set inside The Overlook Hotel.  The main aim of the map is to simply survive and obtain the buyable ending.

Now for those of you who noticed it looks a little different – the redness – this is down to a setting in the game being changed.  Now by default SPECULAR MAP is set to NO but here he has it set to YES.  When it comes to you playing on release just make sure this setting is set to NO.

Map Features

  • UGX Mod
  • Buyable Ending
  • No Dogs
  • Pack-A-Punch

YouAlwaysWin :
Laggin24x :

Map Credits:
I would like to thank the following for either their help directly or indirectly. – The Amazing UGX Mod
ZCTxCHAOSx – Lots and Lots of help
ZOMB1E-KLLR – various YouTube Tutorials
Tom BMX – The Axe Model
Treminaor – UGX Mod v1.1 Viewhands for v1.0.x
WorldGoonSquad – Various in-game assets

If I have missed anyone please hit me up on @CraftDAnimation and I will sort that.  I have had a very hard last month so right now things are VERY vague.



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