Berlin Hell Hospital

Berlin Hell Hospital
By: Chromeastone10

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If you are waiting for bo3 to come out heres a map to pass the time

This map was made for Halloween but i missed the deadline, whoops, was inspired to make it after watching zombie army trilogy gameplay lol, but since I missed my first deadline my new deadline is releasing before black ops 3 is released (my time at least lol) so this can help you pass the time waiting for bo3

This is a small map made in roughly 4 days so dont expect much, no fancy menu screen or anything :P Map is pretty hard too since its really small, try to get to pack a punch and unlock it before giving up, also tried to use as many world at war assets as I could since Zombie Army Trilogy is a WW2 zombie game


-FOV Slider in options

-NO perk limt

-New pack a punch and pack a punch unlock easter egg

-Soul Boxes unlock perks

-No world at war weapons

-Double tap 2.0, PHD, Electric Cherry, and solo Quick Revive as extra perks beyond the normal ones

-FX (thanks to ugx easy FX)
-Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Animations/Models and guns (thanks to Tom_BMX and his tools lemon and lime and dds alpha remover, Tito, HitmanVere, cfgfactory, steviewonder87, Rollonmath42, convictioNDR, elfenlied and DidUknowiPwn)
-Ray Gun Mark 2 FX (thanks to Quiz)
-Black ops 2 round chalks
-Ambience sounds and FX
-BO1/BO2 perks (thanks to HarryBO21)
-Mob of the dead hud (thanks to JRimagine)
-black ops style pause menu (thanks to hitmanvere, ray1235, and DidUknowiPwn)
-Dual wield weapons (thanks to Bluntstuffy and Rollonmath42)
-Removed world at war hugging zombies (thanks to Bluntstuffy and Steviewonder)
-Removed world at war knife lunge (thanks to RDV)
-Black Ops 1 knife animation
-FOV Slider (under game options)
-Soul Boxes (thanks to Bluntstuffy)
-Pack-A-Punch Unlock Easter Egg (thanks to Ege115)
-Mob of the dead mystery box (thanks to HarryBO21)
-Custom Pack-A-Punch FX created by me
-Small Easter egg to unlock Pack-A-Punch (thanks to Ege115)
-Soul Boxes (thanks to Blunstuffy)

Known issues:

Since i ran out of time i didnt get to fix a few things but they are minor and not game breaking so dont worry about reporting them

-No 3rd person sounds (will get to this in the future)
-Clients can see the mystery box at locations where the box isnt there, this will be fixed once the box moves around, Harry couldnt really look at it in time since he works like 20 hours a day and lives in the UK so are times are way different, RIP



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