Nazi Zombie Central Gym

Nazi Zombie Central Gym
By: BacONMOnst3r

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 Welcome to the Central Gym! this map is based off of the gym of the middle school I used to attend, so that didn’t leave me with much to work with.  (I don’t think the link for mega works. sorry!)

1. Hidden pack a punch. Go find it!
2. Double tap 2.0
3. dead shot 2.0 (decreased crosshairs, laser, bonus headshot damage)
4. seven perks

This is also my first map, if a bug or two pop up, oh well. i lost access to the original radiant .map file, as I bought a new pc and sold my old one.
PLEASE, tell me what you think about my map! any positive comment would be greatly appreciated!!
1. ZK, for assorted tutorials
2. Jake (Apex) for lighting help, and the bleacher models in the spawn
3. Bamskater33 for black ops perks



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